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Fish Japanese food flounder

Boiled Flounder (Karei no nitsuke)

Flounder is very popular fish in Japan.  Righteye flounder is called “Karei,” and lefteye flounder is called “Hirame.”  Hirame is expensive and often served as Sushi or Sashimi.  Above is Karei.  In winter, they are in spawning season so we can eat with eggs of Karei. “Nitsuke” means foods which are boiled.  In Japan, we […]

Chicken wing dumpling, Japanese food

Chicken wing dumplings (Tebasaki gyoza)

Last week, I cooked pork dumplings. Actually those ingredients were surplus, so I stored them frozen.  Skin of dumplings are sold as a unit about 20 pieces or so.  It is too much for surplus….  Today, I cooked chicken wing dumplings with using them. Dumplings have very long history.  It seems to be eaten since […]

Japanese tofu food

Hiyayakko (Tofu)

Perhaps, many people knows about tofu.  Go back to history, it is from China to Japan during AD 710 – 794 (Nara era).  So we, Japanese, are eating tofu about 1300 years. However it is eaten in many Asia countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Thai, Myanmar, Indonesia and so on, cooking method is […]