Tonkatsu Sandwich (Katsu Sand)

Katsu Sand / Toankatsu Sandwich

When I make Tonkatsu (Japanese Pork Cutlet), I sometimes have some leftover.  I sometimes make Katsu Sand like above if I have some leftover.  I like it and think it is good for brunch or lunch.
If you have visited to Japan, you may find many kind of sandwich or bread with meals.  These bread meals are called “Sozai Pan”.  Katsu Sand is popular one, and many bread shop, restaurants or cafes are serving with their original recipes.

This is the recipe of my home.  Because my home prefer Hire-Katsu (Pork Tenderloin Cutlet), the recipe is also using Hire-Katsu.  Please refer this article hot to make Hire-Katsu.


  • Tonkatsu
  • Bread (I used Pan de Campagne at this time)
  • Lettuce
  • Mustard
  • Tonkatsu Sauce

How to make:

1) Spread the mustard on the bread.
making Katsu-sand
2) Place Tonkatsu on the mustard and pour Tokatsu Sauce.
Katsusand katsusand
3) Place lettuce and another piece of bread to make sandwich.
4) Cut the sandwich as appropriate size and the serve it.

There are no special things.  It is just making the sandwich.
Only one different thing compared with traditional European style sandwich is the ingredient “Tonkatsu”.

I used Hire-katsu, but Pork Loin Tonkatsu called “Rohsu Katsu” in Japanese are also used.  The difference of these two Tonkatsu is just the part of pork meat.  The direction to make is same.  I think “Rohsu” is a special term about the part of meat only in Japan.  We call loin part is as “Rohsu”.  I heard that the name comes “roast” because loin is good part for roast.

This meal is also good for lunch box.  So we can find them at Eki Ben (Bento lunch box for train trip) stores at train stations.    Also we can find them at airport.  Bento lunch boxes for airplane trip are called “Sora Ben” because “Sora” means sky.
If you have a chance to travel via train or airplane in Japan, it will be a good to enjoy Katsu-sand as lunch box.

Enjoy meal!



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