Welcome to “Food in Japan” web site.

This site is writing about food in Japan.

I am a 43 years old Japanese man working in IT industry.
I am not professional about food, restaurant or cooking, but I like cooking.

The reason why I started this blog is an my experience with one of my American friends.  He and I are a business partner and also very good friend for long years.  So we usually have dinner whenever I visit US or he visits Japan.  When he comes to Japan, he enjoy Japanese food very well, especially “Shabu-Shabu”.
He can have some Japanese foods in US such as Sushi, Tempura etc.  But he says he have not had Shabu-Shabu in his country.  I told him “how about cooking by yourself?”, then he answered it would be difficult.  I was very wonder because it was not difficult.  I can cook it in my home.  I couldn’t tell him how to cook it correctly at that time.
I thought there are some people who like Japanese food but think it could be difficult.

Of course, some of Japanese foods may be difficult to cook, but some are  easy.  If I can tell to people in the world how to cook and how good Japanese foods then they enjoy it more, it would be wonderful.

I will introduce our daily foods and sometimes with recipes.
We, Japanese people are not eating only Japanese foods.  We enjoy Italian, French, Chinese, Asian foods etc.  But those foods may be arranged.  I would like to introduce those non-Japanese foods and restaurants, too.

If I can share these foods, recipes or restaurants with you, I think it will be great.

Enjoy meal!



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