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how to make Kitsune Udon

Kitsune Udon

I’ve written an article about Kitsune Udon before.  At that time, the theme of the article is about the name, and not about recipe.  I was surprised because many people have accessed and more “like” than other articles so far.  And some people seem to reach at the page with the keywords “Kitsune Udon”.  So […]

Udon Hot Pot

Udon Hot Pot (Nabeyaki Udon)

We have many many cold days in this winter.  On such a cold day, we want to eat something warm or hot.  I would like to introduce one of Udon noodles dishes called Nabeyaki Udon.  When I was a kid, I was glad if the lunch or dinner was Nabeyaki Udon.  Because it will keep […]

tororo soba

Soba and Yam (Tororo Soba)

Now, it’s already mid of September.  According to Japanese traditional calendar, fall has been come already more than one month ago.  However it’s still hot these year due to probably global warming, it’s too much hot this year. I sometimes want to eat something cold and nutrient rich. Soba (Japanese Buckwheat) is one candidate.  It’s […]