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Onsen Tamago

Hot Spring Egg (Onsen Tamago)

This soft boiled egg is the specialty of Onsen (Hot Spring) resort area.  It is boiled with the source of hot spring.  So it is called “Onsen Tamago”.   Normally, this is served with “Dashi (Japanese broth)“.  But it also can be used for Ramen, and you will have another experience compared with regular style Ramen […]

akashiyaki in a soup

Akashiyaki (Takoyaki)

Akashiyaki is very similar to Takoyaki, but there are some differences. The ingredient of Akashiyaki is only octopus (tako).  On the other hand, Takoyaki sometimes uses others like cabbage, red ginger, green onion in addition to octopus.  And Akashiyaki is served with a soup, but Takoyaki is served with sauce. Takoyaki is originated in Osaka […]

egg soboro

Three Colors Rice Bowl (Sanshoku Don)

“Sanshoku Don” is also called as “Tori Soboro Don.”   “Tori” means “Chicken”and “Soboro” is a food which is cooked as small granular like above photo.  This food is using Soboro of chicken and egg. “Sanshoku” means “Three Colors.”  This rice bowl (don) has brown, green and yellow.  So it is called so. It is […]

boiled egg for ramen topping

Soft Boiled Egg For Ramen Topping (Ajituke Tamago)

If you have been to ramen restaurants in Japan, you saw “Ajitsuke Tamago.”  It is a boiled egg and  added some tastes.  However boiled egg is not major topping for ramen, each ramen restaurants has their original ajitsuke tamago.  So you can enjoy many different of ajitsuke tamago. Most ramen has boiled egg as topping.  […]

omelet rice

Omelet Rice (Omu-rice)

Omelet rice is a food which fried rice with chicken and tomato ketchup is wrapped by omelet.  It is a kind of yoshoku, one category of Japanese foods. However yoshoku’s roots is Europe or American foods, they are developed in Japan as original Japanese foods. Omelet rice is very popular home food and also served […]