Salmon and Ikra Rice Bowl (Sake Ikura Don)

Sake Ikura Don

Once you made Ikra, Sake and Ikra Rice Bowl will be a good candidate to cook.
It’s a kind of Kaisen D0n (Sashimi Rice Bowl) and you may find at Sushi restaurants.  If you have fresh sashimi Salmon and Ikra, you are ready to go.  It’s easy to cook and of course, very good taste.


  • Sumeshi / Sushi Rice
  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Ikra
  • Wasabi

How to make:

1) Prepare Sushi Rice.  200g will be enough for one person.  Please refer this page for making.
 Sumeshi / Sushi Rice
2) Cut Salmon about 3mm width.  If you can get Sashimi form at the store, it will be easier.
Salmon Sashimi
3) Place Salmon Sashimi and Ikra on top of Sushi Rice.  Then add some Wasabi if you like.
Sake Ikra Don

When you eat it, it will be better to pour some soy sauce in a small dish and mix with wasabi.  Dip Salmon Sashimi to the sauce and back to the rice.

If you can buy both Salmon Sashimi and Ikra at store, it will be much easier to make.  Also you can use grilled salted salmon (Yaki Shio-Sake) instead of Sashimi.  Once you grill the salmon, brake it to flake form roughly.  It will bring you different taste.

We can buy Salmon Sashimi all the year because many of them are imported from Norway or Chile. And also we can buy Ikra all the year.  But as I mentioned in previous article, fresh Sujiko is one of seasonal foods in autumn.  I like to make this food in autumn because I would like to enjoy foods with each season.

Nowadays, many things become very convenient.  Foods are not exception.  At the stores, we can buy any forms of foods such as frozen, already cooked etc.  But I believe we can receive something special from home-made foods and each seasonal foods bring more special to us.  In Japan, we can feel differences of each season.  So I want to keep enjoying seasonal foods.

Enjoy meal!

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