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Osechi Ryori

Osechi Ryori is dishes served at Oshogatsu (Jan. 1st) for celebrating the new year day(s).  Normally it’s served from Jan 1st. to 3rd.  These days are called as “Sanganichi.”  Before Oshogatsu, mothers are busy to prepare the new year celebration, so many of dishes to be cooked which can be preserved for several days for […]

Chicken at Christmas

Eating Chicken at Christmas day in Japan

December 25th, it’s the Christmas day. I think Christian is not majority in Japan, but today is a kind of special day for us.  Many people have a party or parties with family or friends.  The Christmas day in Japan doesn’t have religious meaning for many people.  Most parties at this day is not celebration, […]

Eki Ben Lunch Box

Bento Lunch Box in Train (Eki Ben)

I sometimes find a Japanese word “Bento” on the web even it English site.  It means lunch box and seems to be a international word such as “Karaoke” etc. Last week, I had a business trip by train (Shinkansen) to Hyogo prefecture where is next to Osaka.  When I have a trip by train and […]