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Hamburg with Daikon Oroshi

Japanese Style Hamburg (Wafu Oroshi Hamburg)

I have been introducing Yoshoku foods which is one category of Japanese food.  It’s not traditional Japanese foods which is often called “Washoku.”  Yoshoku is a category of foods which is originally from US or Europe.  I think the food arranged them to Japanese style is called Yoshoku recently and people are thinking it is […]

Hayashi rice

Hayashi Rice

”Hayashi Rice” is one of “Yoshoku” foods which are developed or arranged in Japan based on European foods.  There are some stories why this is called as “Hayashi Rice.” One is that it means “Hashed beef with rice.”  Or another one is Mr. Hayashi developed it.  Especially, second story is interesting.  There are two different […]

beef tsukudani

Beef Tsukudani

Tsukudani is a taste of common people.  Eat it with steamed rice is very good. It is a kind of preserved food and typical one is simmered small fishes or shell fishes with soy sauce and sugar.  It seems to be since mid 19th century.  The name is named after place called Tsukudajima in Tokyo.  […]



I titled this article as “Sukiyaki” because I thought English explanation might not be necessary. You may remember the song “Sukiyaki” by Kyu Sakamoto.  It got #1 of Billborad weekly ranking in 1963.  This song has been covered by many musicians like 4PM in 1995. I don’t know why this song titled as Sukiyaki in […]