Soba and Yam (Tororo Soba)

Tororo Soba

Now, it’s already mid of September.  According to Japanese traditional calendar, fall has been come already more than one month ago.  However it’s still hot these year due to probably global warming, it’s too much hot this year.

I sometimes want to eat something cold and nutrient rich.
Soba (Japanese Buckwheat) is one candidate.  It’s very easy to cook and eat.
Yam (Yamaimo or Nagaimo) is one of good choice.

I will introduce Tororo Soba today.

Ingredients (for one dish):

  • Soba Noodles (80 – 100g)
  • Yam (about 50g)
  • For soup
    • 25ml Mentsuyu
    • 75ml Water

How to make:

1) Peel Yam skin and grate it.

2) Boil enough water in a pan.  Once it boiled, put Soba in the pan.  Please refer boiling time which should be instructed on the package.





3) Drain off in a strainer, then make it cold with water.





4) Mix Metsuyu and water.

5) Serve them like the photo below.  I added green laver (aonori) to grater yam.
tororo soba






At soba shop, it is served with raw egg of quail, however I didn’t add.
How to eat ?
Mix grater yam and soup together, and dip soba in the soup.  Then eat.

In Japan, we call Grater Yam as “Tororo.”  So this style Soba is called “Tororo Soba.”  Yam is called “Yamaimo” or “Nagaimo.”  I am not sure why it’s called “Tororo” if it is grated.  One story is saying it is from the word “Torokeru” which means “melt in mouth.”

Enjoy meal!



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