Grilled Chicken with Salted Rice Malt (Tori Shio Koji Yaki)

grilled chicken with Shio Koji

Several months ago, I made Shio Koji (Salted Rice Malt).  I usually use it to cook fish or meat.  Today, I would like to introduce grilled chicken with it.  It’s very easy to cook.  The taste is very good and I can cook it very quickly.  So it is very good if you want to eat delicious chicken dish but you don’t have enough time.


  • about 120g Chicken Thigh
  • about 15g Salted Rice Malt (Shio Koji)

How to make:

1) Stab fork or skew to chicken meat.  It is to add taste well and also easy to grill.

2) Spread Salted Rice Malt to the meat.  And then put it in a plastic bag and push the meat softly by hand like massage.  Leave it about 30min.





3) Heat it on a fish grill for about 10min.  No necessary to remove Shio Koji.  Strong heat first until the skin becomes golden brown, then middle heat will be better.
Japanese Grilled Chicken






That’s all!

Because I used fish grill to heat, extra fat from the meat fall down.  So you can enjoy not too much fatty meat and it will be healthy.
I served this with cutting for easy to eat because we usually use chopsticks.  If you are using knife and fork, not cut meat will be also good.

As you might notice, I don’t use any other condiment than Shio Koji.  But the taste is good and enough.
I have no idea how I can express about the taste.  It’s very good and really strange.

As the name of Shio Koji, it is made with.
But the taste is not salty.  It’s a little sweet rather.
It’s the reason that Shio Koji is changing protein or starch of the meat to amino acid or sugar.

In Japan, we can buy Shio Koji at super market.  I have already post how to make Shio Koji on this blog.  Please refer that article if you want to make.

I am glad if many people try to use Shio Koji for your country’s foods.

Enjoy meal!



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