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tororo soba

Soba and Yam (Tororo Soba)

Now, it’s already mid of September.  According to Japanese traditional calendar, fall has been come already more than one month ago.  However it’s still hot these year due to probably global warming, it’s too much hot this year. I sometimes want to eat something cold and nutrient rich. Soba (Japanese Buckwheat) is one candidate.  It’s […]

Cold Japanese Buckwheat (Zaru Soba)

This summer, it’s very hot and humid in Tokyo.  Such a hot days, I want to eat something cold and also easy to eat like noodles.  Zaru Soba or Soumen are my favorite for this condition. Soba (Japanese Buckwheat) has long history.  It is said that Soba was eaten before Nara Era (710 – 794 […]

how to make soba sushi

Soba Sushi

Probably “Sushi” is one of most famous Japanese foods.  And also “Soba” is well know as a Japanese noodles. People who have been to Japan may eat both.  People may not visit to Japan also have eaten both.  But normally, people are thinking Soba and Sushi are different foods. But we have a food which […]