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Tonkatsu Sandwich (Katsu Sand)

When I make Tonkatsu (Japanese Pork Cutlet), I sometimes have some leftover.  I sometimes make Katsu Sand like above if I have some leftover.  I like it and think it is good for brunch or lunch. If you have visited to Japan, you may find many kind of sandwich or bread with meals.  These bread […]

Hamburg with Daikon Oroshi

Japanese Style Hamburg (Wafu Oroshi Hamburg)

I have been introducing Yoshoku foods which is one category of Japanese food.  It’s not traditional Japanese foods which is often called “Washoku.”  Yoshoku is a category of foods which is originally from US or Europe.  I think the food arranged them to Japanese style is called Yoshoku recently and people are thinking it is […]

Fried Shrimp / Ebi Fry

Fried Prawn (Ebi Fry)

Fried Prawn (or Shrimp) is called “Ebi Fry” in Japanese and is a popular Yoshoku food.  This cooking method is almost as same as fried meat such as Tonkatsu (pork cutlet).  When meat is fried, it is called with “Katsu.”  For example, Beef Katsu or Chicken Katsu.  But if seafood is fried, it is called […]

Curry Rice

Curry rice is one of the most popular Yoshoku foods.  It may be the king of Yoshoku among kids.  It is a very simple dish which pour curry sauce with cooked meat and vegetables on top of steamed rice. I think almost home have cooked it at home at least once.  There are many type […]