Sashimi of Jack Mackerel (Aji no sashimi)

Sashimi fish

If you have been to visit an Izakaya restaurant, you may have had this kind of dish.  It is called as “Otsukuri.”  Otsukuri is a style of sashimi dish which is nicely decorated or has head and tail.  Above photograph sashimi is not “nicely decorated….”

Sashimi is also famous Japanese food as same as Sushi.  Is is raw fish, so we should have fresh fish.  That means we can enjoy the taste which the fish originally has.

Jack Mackerel (Aji in Japanese) is a very popular fish and it is not expensive.  We eat it as griiled, deep fried and Sashimi.  The best way of eating sashimi is with “Tamari shoyu.” It is a kind of soy sauce (shoyu in Japanese) and has very deep taste of soy sauce.  Of course, you can enjoy sashimi with regular soy sauce.


  • Jack mackerel
  • Chopped green onion
  • Grated ginger


1) Cut jack mackerel for sashimi.
* I referred to following video to cook.  It is very good video.

2) decorate fish meat on the dish.

We are usually eating sashimi with wasabi.  But we enjoy jack mackerel with ginger, too.

Please try with wasabi and also with ginger.

Enjoy meal!

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