Chicken wing dumplings (Tebasaki gyoza)

Chicken wing dumpling, Japanese food

Last week, I cooked pork dumplings. Actually those ingredients were surplus, so I stored them frozen.  Skin of dumplings are sold as a unit about 20 pieces or so.  It is too much for surplus….  Today, I cooked chicken wing dumplings with using them.

Dumplings have very long history.  It seems to be eaten since B.C. 6 century in China.  It is said that Mr. Mitsukuni Tokugawa (1628 – 1701) is the first Japanese who ate dumplings.  He was a grandson of the general Ieyasu Tokugawa who was the origin of Tokugawa Shogunate (1603 – 1868).  Dumplings were a very expensive food for long time.  After World War 2, it was getting popular.  Then it has been developed independently in any regions.  Now we enjoy and cook it at home and there are many restaurants here in Japan.

Chicken wing dumpling is wrapping ingredients in chicken wing and it is originated in Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu islands (south part of Japan).  Miyazaki is one of famous area of poultry industry.  I guess it may be related.



1) Remove bones from chicken wing.
It is difficult to explain in texts.  Please refer following video.

2) Insert ingredients into the pocket of chicken wing.  Then close it by stick.

3) Put sea salt and pepper onto chicken wings.

4) Grill them.


It has different taste compare with regular dumplings.  We can enjoy harmony among ingredients and chicken meat.  Very delicious!!

You may be able to find this menu at Izakaya or chicken BBQ (Yakitori) restaurants.  It is worth to try.

Enjoy meal!




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