Pork Dumplings (Gyoza)

Japanese food

Dumpling (Gyoza) is originally Chinese food and also very popular in Japan as same as Ramen (Chinese noodle).  I heard that in China usually dumplings are served as boiled, but in Japan baked style is popular.  I like boiled dumplings and having it with ponzu, a sauce which mixes soy sauce, broth and some Japanese citrus such as yuzu or sudachi, is my favorite.  But I enjoyed baked style today.


  • 100g minced pork meat
  • 200g Chinese cabbage (or cabbage)
  • 50g leek
  • 20g Ginger
  • 5g mitsuba (a Japanese herb)  Optional
  • 1 piece of shiitake mushroom  Optional 
  • soy sauce
  • sea salt
  • Black pepper


1) Copping Chinese cabbage and squeeze its water in clean dishcloth
dumplings recipedumplings recipedumplings recipe





2) Chopping other leek, shiitake mushroom and mitsuba.

3) mix vegetables and meat in a bowl and put some sea salt, soy sauce and black peppar.  *each amount of condiments are as your favorite taste.  Put some Chinese soup stock is also good.
dumplings recipe





4) If meat becomes white, it is good.
dumplings recipe





5) Wrapping ingredients in dumpling skin.  Put the water on half edge and wrap with making pleats.
dumplings recipedumplings recipedumplings recipe





6) Put some oil in a fry pan and heat, then place dumplings.  *At first the heating power is strong.
dumplings recipedumplings recipe Japanese food





7) The bottom becomes dark brown, put some water in a fry pat to steam.  Then place the lid.
Japanese fooddumplingspork dumplings





8) The water is evaporated, now it is ready to eat!


Many people eat dumplings with soy sauce and rayu (chili oil).  I had with soy sauce and ponzu.  It is also good.


Enjoy meal!





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