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4 Rules to Cook Sushi like a Pro

Today, I would like to introduce a guest post from Mr. Andrew Black.  This article is about Sushi.  I posted how to make Sushi Rice before.  I hope that article will be also good for you.   Sushi is not commonly made and cooked at home even in Japan. That is contrary to what you […]

Kaisen Don / Sashimi Rice Bowl

Sashimi Rice Bowl (Kaisen Don)

Kaisen Don is a Rice Bowl which some different Sashimi are placed on Sushi Rice.  Normally, it’s served at Sushi restaurants and popular for lunch. If you find fresh raw fish and make sashimi or can buy sashimi and sushi rice, you have already done to make Kaisen Don. Above photo is using sashimi of […]

kuri gohan

Chestnut Rice (Kuri Gohan)

Now it’s October.  The weather is getting cooler and leaves turn to yellow.  It’s the scene of autumn in Japan.  In autumn, we can enjoy many kind of harvest.  Chestnut and Rice is one of them.  These days, we can see the word “Shin-mai (Newlu harvested rice)” at stores.  When I heard the word “Shin-mai,” […]

Edamame Rice

“Edamame” is a Japanese word meaning green soy beans, but I feel it seems to be a common word in the world when I am looking some web sites. I have already written an article how to boil Edamame.  However to boil is most common cooking method for Edamame, there are more methods.  Today, I […]