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Tofu Tempura (Agedashi Tofu)

Agedashi Tofu is a kind of Tempura which fries Tofu. But cooking method is a little different from regular Tempura. You may have found this at Japanese restaurants or Izakaya restaurants (Japanese casual restaurants).  It’s one of Japanese home foods and is easy to cook, but I feel it is something sophisticated. As you can […]

gohya champloo

Gohya Champloo

“Gohya Champloo” is a food originated in Okinawa where the most south prefecture of Japan.  It is the stir fry of bitter melon, pork, tofu and egg.  However the bitter melon is called “Nigauri” in Japanese, in Okinawa it is called “Gohya” as a dialect.  Now “Gohya Champloo” is very popular nation wide and we call […]


Boiled Tofu (Yudofu)

Don’t you have something warm food for dinner at cold day? Yudofu is one of my favorite dinner menu in cold winter.  It is a kind of “nabe” (hot pot) foods.  I love nabe foods because we can enjoy various types.  In Japan, each region has each style nabe food.  Ingredients are various such like […]

Japanese tofu food

Hiyayakko (Tofu)

Perhaps, many people knows about tofu.  Go back to history, it is from China to Japan during AD 710 – 794 (Nara era).  So we, Japanese, are eating tofu about 1300 years. However it is eaten in many Asia countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Thai, Myanmar, Indonesia and so on, cooking method is […]