Boiled Tofu (Yudofu)

yudofu is boiled tofu

Don’t you have something warm food for dinner at cold day?
Yudofu is one of my favorite dinner menu in cold winter.  It is a kind of “nabe” (hot pot) foods.  I love nabe foods because we can enjoy various types.  In Japan, each region has each style nabe food.  Ingredients are various such like fish, meat, vegetables, and also broth are various like kelp, bonito, miso, soy sauce etc.

I think yudofu is the most simple nabe food.  It is a food that only enjoy tofu.  It has long history and is recorded in a document in 1603 – 1604.  As for the history of Japan, Kyoto is a very important place.  Yudofu is one of traditional Kyoto food.


  • Tofu
  • Kelp (dried)
  • 50ml broth (somi no tsuyu at this time)
  • 100ml water
  • Green onion
  • Dried bonito flake


1) Put kelp and water in a pot and leave it about 30min.  It becomes kelp based broth.
yudofu is boild tofu





2) Put broth and water in a cup and place it at the center of pot.  Then put tofu (about 6cm cubic) around the cup.  Heat the pot.  Pick up a cup before too much heat.
boiled tofu, Japanese food





3) After well boiled, pick up tofu in a dish and pour broth onto tofu and put chopped green onion and bonito flakes as topping.
japanese food, tofu yudofu is boiled tofu




We are using a spoon which is specialized to pick up tofu.  It is almost square shape and has holes.

yudofuI like eat not only tofu, but also some vegetables like Chinese cabbage, shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, and leek.
This menu is very healthy.  It is using only vegetables.  As you know, tofu is made of soy beans.

This is not end of this food.  After eat up, I leave water (broth of kelp), sauce, bonito flake until next morning.
I cook breakfast with using these stuff.  It is called zosui (hodgepodge).

Put remained sauce, cut kelp, bonito flake and rice in a pot.  Rice should be wash by water to make it smooth.  Then heat it and once boiled, pour broken egg and stop heating.
zosui zosui




This is one of my favorite breakfast in winter.  It is warm and easy to eat.






From dinner to next morning breakfast, I have eaten almost everything.  Nothing to waste.

It is best food in winter

Enjoy meal!



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