Simple spinach salad (Hourensou no ohitashi)

Simple spinach sald - Japanese Style

This is very common side dish for Japanese foods.  “Hourenso” means spinach and “ohitashi” is a way of cooking.  It is a cooking method to soak foods in broth.  After 1868 (Meiji era), current method seems to become popular.

There are some similar menu called “goma ae”(mix with sesame) or “shira ae”(mix with broken tofu).


  • Spinach
  • Soy sauce
  • Katsuo bushi (dried bonito)


1) Boil spinach about 1 min.
Hourenso no ohitashi





2) Pick it up and soaked in cold water
Spinach salad





3) Once it becomes cold, squeeze the water by hand.





4) Cut spinach as size easy to eat and put some dried bonito.

When eating, put some soy sauce.

If you visit very good restaurant, it put broth based on bonito, kelp etc. and you can enjoy it without soy sauce.  But this article’s way is very easy and popular at home.

Enjoy meal!

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