Grilled Chicken Wing (Tebasaki no Shioyaki)

Grilled Chicken Wing

I like Chicken Wing very well.  When I went to Yakitori place, I usually have it.  Even I visited United States, I sometimes have it such as Buffalo Wing.  I don’t know why I like it so much, but I remember it in Oden (a kind of popular Japanese hot pot) which my grand mother cooked very well.  Favorite foods may rely on old memory.

Grilled Chicken Wing is easy to cook and I make sometimes.  But it’s a little hard to eat.  One day, I watched good method to grill chicken wing on TV.  It’s to remove one born before cooking.  At this time, I tried it and found it was very good.


  • Chicken Wing
  • Sea salt

How to make:

1) Remove a smaller born from Chicken Wing.  It’s a similar process of making Chicken Wing Dumplings.  At this time, only one born is removed.
Following video will be useful to learn how to remove the born.

2) Add a small cut on the meat.  To do this, it’s easy to be heated.





3) Sprinkle normal amount of sea salt on both side.  Leave it for about 10 min.





4) Grill the Chicken Wing on fish grill until it becomes golden brown.  It will be flipped over on the way.
tebasaki shioyaki





If you don’t have fish grill, you can use fry pan, but without any oil.  As you know Chicken Wing has a lot of fat, you may feel it fatty if you grill it with oil.  If you use fish grill, extra fat will be drained.

Removing smaller born before cooking makes it very easy to eat.  And also it can keep good shape because bigger born will support.  If you have a chance to make Japanese style grilled chicken wing, please try this method.

Enjoy meal!

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