Hiyayakko (Tofu)

Japanese tofu food

Perhaps, many people knows about tofu.  Go back to history, it is from China to Japan during AD 710 – 794 (Nara era).  So we, Japanese, are eating tofu about 1300 years.

However it is eaten in many Asia countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Thai, Myanmar, Indonesia and so on, cooking method is differently in each country.  And “Hiyayakko” is typical Japanese style.  I think most of Japanese restaurants, especially izakaya which is casual restaurant for drinking, should have this menu.

In 1782, one book which is introducing 100 type of tofu foods is published.  Hiyayakko is listed in it and it said ” cooking method of hiyayakko is well known and no need to explain.”  Yes, cooking of hiyayakko is very easy.


  • Tofu
  • Green onion
  • Ginger
  • Dried bonito flake
  • Soy sauce


1) Cut tofu about 7 or 8 cm square.

2) Put toppings like chopped green onion, grating ginger and dried bonito flakes.

That’s all!

Put soy sauce, then eat it.  I think it is good for summer because it is cold food.  Of course, it is a side dish.  This style is my home’s.  Depends on region, toppings are different sometimes.  Other Japanese herbs such as myoga or aojiso are used.  I have never tried to use European herbs like rosemary, basil or oregano for hiyayakko, but it could be good.

Enjoy mean!



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