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Sea bream (snapper) rice (Taimeshi)

Sea bream or snapper is called “Tai” in Japanese.  As I mentioned in earlier article, sea bream is often served at the celebration day.  Taimeshi is a typical menu for celebration.  It looks luxury and it is luxury in fact because it cooks a whole sea bream.  It is a kind of “Takikomi-gohan” which is […]

Japanese omelette with broth (Dashimaki tamago)

Japanese omelet is generally called as “Tamago yaki.”  “Tamago” means egg and “yaki” means bake.  The feature is its cooking method which roll thin baked egg sheet over and over.  Also we are using rectangle fry pan which is specialized for tamago yaki.  So its shape becomes rectangle. Because dashimaki is a kind of tamago […]

simmered chicken wing

Simmered chicken wing (Tebasaki no nimono)

Recently, I cooked boiled something….  Now it is also simmered food, chicken wing. However chicken is now popular and not expensive food, before end of World War 2, it was very expensive.  The history of chicken in Japan has very long.  People are eating chicken at least since 7th century.  But Japanese government sometimes prohibited […]


Boiled Tofu (Yudofu)

Don’t you have something warm food for dinner at cold day? Yudofu is one of my favorite dinner menu in cold winter.  It is a kind of “nabe” (hot pot) foods.  I love nabe foods because we can enjoy various types.  In Japan, each region has each style nabe food.  Ingredients are various such like […]