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Japan food

Grilled Miso Marinated Fish (Saikyo-zuke)

Above picture is main dish for a dinner of one day, grilled fish dipped in miso (Saikyo-zuke) and Japanese style omelet (Tamago-yaki). Normally Saikyo-zuke is cooked with Saikyo miso and dip fish meat in miso based sauce for 2 or 3 days in refrigerator.  It is popular especially in Kansai area (west part of Japan). […]

Japanese food

Grilled Pork Rice Bowl (Buta-Don)

I had a “Buta-Don” for lunch. “Buta” means pork and “Don” means bowl.  “Don” foods are very popular in Japan and there are many types.  It places cooked meat or fish such as beef, chicken, tempra, sashimi fish etc. on top of rice in bowl. Buta-don seems to be originated in Hokkaido area (northern part […]


Sea bream soup (Ushio-jiru)

Ushio-jiru is a very simple soup made of sea food.  It is a food of fishermen originally.  The basis of the soup is only soup stock from fish or shell and salt.  It has gentle and elegant taste. One day, I got a whole sea bream (about 25cm long) and cut it into 3 parts, […]