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Sushi roll  Nori-maki

Eho-maki, another culture at Setsubun

Mamemaki is a really traditional event.  We have another culture called “Eho-maki” which is recently popular.  Eho-maki itself is just a rolled sushi.  People believe that it is good to eat eho-maki facing the specific direction.  The direction is changed every year and it was south-southeast for 2013. Eho-maki is a thick rolled sushi and […]


Setsubun and Mamemaki at February 3rd.

February 3rd is the day of Setsubun and there are several traditional events in Japan.  Setsubun is consist of two Kanji characters “Setsu” and “Bun.”  In this context, “Setsu” means term or period and “Bun” means divide. Old calendar has 24 terms in a year.  February 4th is “Risshun” (it means “Spring has just come”) […]

pork dumplings

Pork Dumplings (Gyoza)

Dumpling (Gyoza) is originally Chinese food and also very popular in Japan as same as Ramen (Chinese noodle).  I heard that in China usually dumplings are served as boiled, but in Japan baked style is popular.  I like boiled dumplings and having it with ponzu, a sauce which mixes soy sauce, broth and some Japanese […]


Simple spinach salad (Hourensou no ohitashi)

This is very common side dish for Japanese foods.  “Hourenso” means spinach and “ohitashi” is a way of cooking.  It is a cooking method to soak foods in broth.  After 1868 (Meiji era), current method seems to become popular. There are some similar menu called “goma ae”(mix with sesame) or “shira ae”(mix with broken tofu). […]

Japanese food

Chicken Egg Rice Bowl (Oyako-Don)

Oyako – Don is one of the most popular “Don” repertoire. “Oyako” means parent and child in Japanese.  So this menu is named after combination of chicken and egg.  According to Don recipe theory, it places stuff on top of rice. Ingredients Chicken  (about 30g, but up to you) Onion  (about 25g, but up to […]