Chicken Egg Rice Bowl (Oyako-Don)

Rice Bowl - Chicken and Egg (Oyako-Don)

Oyako – Don is one of the most popular “Don” repertoire.
“Oyako” means parent and child in Japanese.  So this menu is named after combination of chicken and egg.  According to Don recipe theory, it places stuff on top of rice.


  • Chicken  (about 30g, but up to you)
  • Onion  (about 25g, but up to you)
  • Egg 1
  • Rice
  • Sauce (“men tsuyu” at this time)
  • Water


1) Cut chicken as bite size and slice onion about 5mm.

2) Boiling men tsuyu (Soumi no Tsuyu) 15ml and water 60ml in a fry pan.  Then put chicken and onion in the sauce.





3) After chicken was heated, pour beaten egg.  Then place the lid.
Chichken Egg Rice bowlChicken Egg Rice Bowl





4) After a while, place every stuff on the rice.  Adjust how long cook depends on your favorite egg style ( soft boiled or well)


Japanese foodAt this day, I put a Japanese herb called “mitsuba” and had Oyako-don with several side dishes such as “Osuimono” a kind of soup, “Hiyayakko” simple tofu menu with spices and “Horenso-no-ohitashi” a kind of spinach salad.

I think this menu is very healthy.

Enjoy meal!

Note: “Men Tsuyu” is a sauce originally for Soba or Udon nodle, and it contains many kind of soup stock.  So it can be used for sauce base for many Japanese foods.   You can use any kind of “men tsuyu” for cooking this.  Each “men tsuyu” may have direction how much water you should use to dilute.  But you can adjust amount of water as your favorite taste.  I like “men tsuyu” or soup stock from Soumi corporation.  You may find it at glossary of Japanese or Aisia foods or online shop.



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