Setsubun and Mamemaki at February 3rd.

mamemakiFebruary 3rd is the day of Setsubun and there are several traditional events in Japan.  Setsubun is consist of two Kanji characters “Setsu” and “Bun.”  In this context, “Setsu” means term or period and “Bun” means divide.
Old calendar has 24 terms in a year.  February 4th is “Risshun” (it means “Spring has just come”) and it is the first day of the year.  So today, Feb. 3rd is the last day of the year.

From old time, at Feb. 3rd, people are throwing soy beans (mamemaki) with saying “Oniwasoto (go out demon)” and  “Fukuwauchi (come in lucky).”  This event can be seen at shrines or temples and every home even today.  Following video is getting rid of demon.

And also people eat number of his or her age soy beans for hoping good health and happy life of the year.  These events are very common in any region of Japan.   Depends on region, people eat grilled sardine.

Now it is 21st century and we can share any information on internet world wide.  Japan still enjoy these traditional events.