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Swellfish Sashimi (Tessa)

Swellfish, “Fugu” called in Japanese, is a seasonal fish in winter in Japan. There are some popular cooking styles such as Sashimi, especially called “Usuzukuri” (very thin sliced) like above photo, Nabe (Hot Pot) or Karaage (deep fried stuff). I like it, but I don’t remember I had eaten it when I was kid.  I […]

Fried Shrimp / Ebi Fry

Fried Prawn (Ebi Fry)

Fried Prawn (or Shrimp) is called “Ebi Fry” in Japanese and is a popular Yoshoku food.  This cooking method is almost as same as fried meat such as Tonkatsu (pork cutlet).  When meat is fried, it is called with “Katsu.”  For example, Beef Katsu or Chicken Katsu.  But if seafood is fried, it is called […]