Baked Salmon in Foil (Sake no Foil Yaki)

baked salomo and mushroom

According to the old calender, we were entered in winter this year at November 7th.  Now it’s getting cold, but it’s still autumn.  So I want to enjoy more seasonal foods in autumn.

Today, I would like to introduce a food which has a lot of autumn stuff.

Ingredients (for one dish):

  • about 100g Salmon
  • Mushrooms (any kind of.  I used Shiitake and Enoki at this time)
  • 10g Butter
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper

How to make:

1) Put some sea salt and pepper onto the Salmon and leave it for about 5 min.





2) Spread aluminum foil and coat some butter on it.





3) Place Salmon on the butter coat and mushrooms on top of salmon.  Then put rest of butter on the top.
Sake foil yaki





4) Wrap ingredients completely.  Place it in a fry pan and a lid.
baked salmon in aluminul foil





5) Heat it on strong heat for about 5 min. and then heat on middle heat for about 5 min. more.

When I eat, I usually pour some soy sauce.  I think it is good to eat with some ponzu or lemon, too.  However I used only salmon and mushroom at this time, other vegetables such as sliced onion or carrot are also cooked together.

I think this method to bake ingredients with wrapping in aluminum foil can be seen not only in Japan, but also western countries or others.  So this is not rare food for you.  But it is one of popular cooking autumn and winter in Japan.

I’m not sure when this cooking method was started in Japan.  But traditional Japanese foods has similar method.  They are cooking foods wrapped with Japanese paper or leaves.  To use aluminum foil is easy, so it is popular as home made foods.  But I want to try with Japanese paper someday.

Enjoy meal!


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