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grilled salmon with sio koji

Salted Rice Malt (Shio Koji)

Salted Rice Malt, “Shio Koji” in Japanese, is a very traditional condiment in Japan.  Rice malt (kome koji) itself is used to make many Japanese foods such as miso, sake, shochu etc.   So we usually eat it indirectly.  I have never used salted rice malt, but it is getting very popular since several years […]

egg soboro

Three Colors Rice Bowl (Sanshoku Don)

“Sanshoku Don” is also called as “Tori Soboro Don.”   “Tori” means “Chicken”and “Soboro” is a food which is cooked as small granular like above photo.  This food is using Soboro of chicken and egg. “Sanshoku” means “Three Colors.”  This rice bowl (don) has brown, green and yellow.  So it is called so. It is […]

Hayashi rice

Hayashi Rice

”Hayashi Rice” is one of “Yoshoku” foods which are developed or arranged in Japan based on European foods.  There are some stories why this is called as “Hayashi Rice.” One is that it means “Hashed beef with rice.”  Or another one is Mr. Hayashi developed it.  Especially, second story is interesting.  There are two different […]

Bamboo shoots rice

Bamboo Shoots Rice (Takenoko Gohan)

I said boiling bamboo shoots (takenoko) is the first step for all takenoko dishes in previous article.  I’d like to introduce typical takenoko foods “Takenoko Gohan (Bamboo Shoots Rice)” at this time. We can buy packed bamboo shoots in the market any time, so we can cook it any time.  But if you want to […]

omelet rice

Omelet Rice (Omu-rice)

Omelet rice is a food which fried rice with chicken and tomato ketchup is wrapped by omelet.  It is a kind of yoshoku, one category of Japanese foods. However yoshoku’s roots is Europe or American foods, they are developed in Japan as original Japanese foods. Omelet rice is very popular home food and also served […]