Salted Rice Malt (Shio Koji)


Salted Rice Malt, “Shio Koji” in Japanese, is a very traditional condiment in Japan.  Rice malt (kome koji) itself is used to make many Japanese foods such as miso, sake, shochu etc.   So we usually eat it indirectly.  I have never used salted rice malt, but it is getting very popular since several years ago.  To put it in meat or fish meat before cooking and leave for a while, it makes meat or fish meat better taste.  It breaks down protein or starch to amino acid or sugar.  So you will fee some sweetness.

It is a kind of fermented foods and has a lot of vitamin or amino acid.  Many people hope to keep their health.  I guess it is one reason because salted rice malt becomes very popular.

We can buy it at stores, but it is easy to make.  Some people are making it by themselves.  It needs only rice malt (kome koji), sea salt, water and the time to ripen.


  • 100g rice malt
  • 25 to 30g sea salt
  • 140 to 150ml water

How to make:

1) Separate rice malt as one piece of rice grain.  Rice malt is stuck in one normally.
Kome koji, rice malthow to make sio koji





2) Mix sea salt and rice malt well.  If you like sweet taste, please add 25g sea salt.
making shio koji hot to make salted rice malt





3) Add water to 2) and mix them well.
salted rice malthow to make salted rice malt





4) Put it in a storage like tupperware and place a wrap film.  Leave it in the room for 1 week or so.  Stir it once a day.
If leave it in refrigerator, it will take more time to be fermented.
shio koji shio koji





5) If rice brain become very soft, it is completed.

grilled salmon with sio kojiUse it for cooking, put it about 10% of the ingredient’s weight.  If you cook 100g chicken, put 10g salted rice malt.  I grilled salmon with it.  It was very delicious.  Meat became tender and taste is a little bit sweet.

Now many people are trying to use it for various recipes like stake, grilled pork or chicken, soup, sauce or dressing.
I would like to introduce some foods with using it in the future.

I am not sure rice malt can be bought out of Japan.  But you may find it at Japanese glossary.  If you find it, I would like you to try.
It can be stored about 6 months in refrigerator.

Enjoy meal!



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