Boiled Broad Bean (Soramame)


Broad bean or Fava bean is called as “Soramame” in Japanese.  It is one of special foods in spring.  Typical cooking method is to boil it with sea salt.  It’s very easy.  I think boiled broad bean and beer is best combination.


  • Broad bean
  • Salt Water (2% ration)

How to make:

1) Add a small cut on other side of black part of broad bean.
broad bean, fava bean





2) Boil salt water and put broad beans in the pot for 2 or 3 min.
how to boil soramame





3) Pick up beans and make it cool.
how to boil broad bean





It is easy to push put beans because of adding a cut.






I heard broad beans are eaten in various countries since ancient.  It seemed to come to Japan around 8th century.
Now we enjoy it as various foods like pasta, soup, steam with rice, baked as well as boiled.  These foods are only available in spring time.

Enjoy meal!



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