Salmon Teriyaki (Sake noTeriyaki)

Teriyaki Salmon

Actually,  the season of Salmon is fall.  But we can buy it because farming salmon are in the market all the year.  One day, I wanted to eat something Teriyaki.  However I know the salmon in fall is much better, I cannot find anything than salmon which is good for teriyaki at that day.

I have already written about Yellowtail Teriyaki and Chicken Teriyaki.  Those recipe are slightly different.  I think this recipe is best one for fish teriyaki so far.


  • 150g Salmon
  • For Teriyaki sauce
    • 2 table spoon Soy sauce (30ml)
    • 1 table spoon Mirin (Sweet Rice Wine)  (15ml)
    • 2 tea spoon Cooking Sake (10ml)
    • 5g Grater Ginger (only juice)

How to make:

1) Mix all ingredients for Teriyaki sauce.

2) Dip salmon in the sauce for about 10 min.  Then drain the sauce off.
how to make teriyaki salmon





3) Pour cooking oil in a fry pan and heat it.  Place the salmon in a fry pan and heat it on middle heat.  Bake it from skin side.  Once skin side is baked, flip it over.  Then place the lid and heat for about 2 or 3 min.





4) Pour Teriyaki sauce in the fry pan.  Heat it until the sauce becomes less.  Pour the sauce on the salmon with a spoon.
Teriyaki glazed salmon





Teriyaki salmonSake TeriyakiI usually eat it with grater Japanese radish (daikon).  The taste of teriyaki sauce is rich, on the ther hand, grater radish taste light.  The taste of these two combination makes it better.
I heard some teriyaki sauce can be bought in United States.  I am not sure it is also available in other countries.  But I heard those sauce is different from Japanese teriyaki and too much sweet.  I think it was arranged for American’s favorite taste.
I will be very glad that this article will be helpful if you want to try real teriyaki taste.

Enjoy meal!

You can find Mirin: