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buri no teriyaki

Yellowtail Teriyaki (Buri no Teriyaki)

I have noticed that I wrote about meat recently.  So I would like to write about fish today.  Today’s article is about Yellowtail Teriyaki. When we grill Yellowtail, Shioyaki or Teriyaki is popular.  I don’t know other method.  We usually use fish grill, but I used a regular fry pan at this time because it […]

teriyaki chicken

Teriyaki Chicken (Tori no Teriyaki)

“Teriyaki” is one of famous Japanese cooking method.  However I am not sure it is cooked since when, I am familiar with Teriyaki foods since child.  In Japan, we cook meat and fish as Teriyaki.  Popular foods are chicken, yellow tail, salmon etc.  Also one hamburger shop called ”Mos Burger” was successful by “Teriyaki Buger.” […]