Teriyaki Chicken (Tori no Teriyaki)

teriyaki chicken

“Teriyaki” is one of famous Japanese cooking method.  However I am not sure it is cooked since when, I am familiar with Teriyaki foods since child.  In Japan, we cook meat and fish as Teriyaki.  Popular foods are chicken, yellow tail, salmon etc.  Also one hamburger shop called ”Mos Burger” was successful by “Teriyaki Buger.”
I know Teriyaki is popular cooking method in US now.  I have not tried it when I visit US, so I am not sure it is as same as Japanese Teiryaki.  But someone says it is not same.  I would like to introduce Japanese method in this article.

Ingredients (for 1 dish):

  • 180g chicken (thigh)
  • Teiryaki sauce
    • 1 table spoon soy sauce (15ml)
    • 1 table spoon mirin (15ml)
    • 1 table spoon sake (15ml)
    • 1 (or 1 and half) tea spoon sugar (5 to 7.5ml)

How to make:

1) Stab a folk onto skin of chicken.
teiryaki chicken





2) Place chicken in a fry pan and heat it on medium heat.  Wipe oil from chicken with cooking paper.
chicken chicken chicken





3) About 70 or 80% of chicken is heated, pour Teriyaki sauce in a pan.  Heat it on small heat.   Before it, combine all ingredients for sauce well.
teriyaki chicken





4) Heat chicken until sauce becomes less.  Sometimes sauce is poured on the chicken and turn over.
IMG_2019  teriyaki chicken




teriyaki chicken It is not difficult method.  I cooked chicken thigh at this time, but breast will be good.  I think it will be better to dip fish in Teriyaki sauce before grill.  But for chicken, it is not necessary.  I used sugar at this time, but some people use honey instead.

“Teri” means “glaze” and “Yaki” means “grill (or bake).”  It is important to make food glaze.   This Teriyaki sauce is very basic one and can be used for any other Teriyaki foods.

Enjoy meal!



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