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edamame and beer

How to Boil Edamame

Today, it is going to hot summer in Japan.  In the summer, we want to enjoy cold beer and Edamame! Edamame (Green Soy Bean) seems to be already common word in the world.  It is very popular food both at Izakaya (traditional Japanese casual restaurant) and home.  Of course, I love it. Even you have […]

gohya champloo

Gohya Champloo

“Gohya Champloo” is a food originated in Okinawa where the most south prefecture of Japan.  It is the stir fry of bitter melon, pork, tofu and egg.  However the bitter melon is called “Nigauri” in Japanese, in Okinawa it is called “Gohya” as a dialect.  Now “Gohya Champloo” is very popular nation wide and we call […]


Boiled Broad Bean (Soramame)

Broad bean or Fava bean is called as “Soramame” in Japanese.  It is one of special foods in spring.  Typical cooking method is to boil it with sea salt.  It’s very easy.  I think boiled broad bean and beer is best combination. Ingredients: Broad bean Salt Water (2% ration) How to make: 1) Add a […]

Bamboo shoots rice

Bamboo Shoots Rice (Takenoko Gohan)

I said boiling bamboo shoots (takenoko) is the first step for all takenoko dishes in previous article.  I’d like to introduce typical takenoko foods “Takenoko Gohan (Bamboo Shoots Rice)” at this time. We can buy packed bamboo shoots in the market any time, so we can cook it any time.  But if you want to […]