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akashiyaki in a soup

Akashiyaki (Takoyaki)

Akashiyaki is very similar to Takoyaki, but there are some differences. The ingredient of Akashiyaki is only octopus (tako).  On the other hand, Takoyaki sometimes uses others like cabbage, red ginger, green onion in addition to octopus.  And Akashiyaki is served with a soup, but Takoyaki is served with sauce. Takoyaki is originated in Osaka […]

buri no teriyaki

Yellowtail Teriyaki (Buri no Teriyaki)

I have noticed that I wrote about meat recently.  So I would like to write about fish today.  Today’s article is about Yellowtail Teriyaki. When we grill Yellowtail, Shioyaki or Teriyaki is popular.  I don’t know other method.  We usually use fish grill, but I used a regular fry pan at this time because it […]

Japanese grilled fish

Grilled Prawn (Ebi no Shioyaki)

Japan is surrounded by the sea, so we can enjoy various sea foods. Prawn or shrimp is a popular sea food and is used in many kind of foods like ebi fry (deep fried prwan), tempura, sushi, chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard) etc. The food of above photo is very simple one. It is grilled with […]