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edamame and beer

How to Boil Edamame

Today, it is going to hot summer in Japan.  In the summer, we want to enjoy cold beer and Edamame! Edamame (Green Soy Bean) seems to be already common word in the world.  It is very popular food both at Izakaya (traditional Japanese casual restaurant) and home.  Of course, I love it. Even you have […]

Hotaru Ika

Firefly Squid (Hotaru Ika)

There are many foods which tells us “Spring has come!” Hotaru Ika (Firefly Squid) is one of them.  We can see it at market from the end of March to June.  Now it is mid of May, so its season will end soon….. Hotaru Ika is very tiny squid.  It’s about 6 to 8 cm […]

beef tsukudani

Beef Tsukudani

Tsukudani is a taste of common people.  Eat it with steamed rice is very good. It is a kind of preserved food and typical one is simmered small fishes or shell fishes with soy sauce and sugar.  It seems to be since mid 19th century.  The name is named after place called Tsukudajima in Tokyo.  […]