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Ja Ja Men - Udon

Miso Sauce Ramen (Ja Ja Men)

Ja Ja Men is originally a Chinese food called “Zha Jiang Mian.”  I think its name comes from the sound of “Zha Jiang Mian.” In Japan, it was added some arranges such as adding sugar.  So it tastes both sweetness of sugar and salty of miso.  We use Ramen noodles and also use other Japanese […]

gohya champloo

Gohya Champloo

“Gohya Champloo” is a food originated in Okinawa where the most south prefecture of Japan.  It is the stir fry of bitter melon, pork, tofu and egg.  However the bitter melon is called “Nigauri” in Japanese, in Okinawa it is called “Gohya” as a dialect.  Now “Gohya Champloo” is very popular nation wide and we call […]

shoga yaki

Pork Ginger (Shoga Yaki)

Pork Ginger is a easy cooking food and it is also cooked at home.  It means each homes has their original taste. The method is very simple.  Pork is grilled with the sauce which includes ginger and soy sauce.  Ginger is called as “Shoga” and grill is called “Yaki.”  So it is called as “Shoga […]