Roast Pork and Leek (Negi Char Siu)

Negi Char Siu

Negi Char Siu is a very simple food which stir Char Siu (roast pork) and Leek with oil.  It is using Ra-yu (Chinese Chili Oil) and Sesame Oil, so it’s very spicy and a good snack for beer.

I sometimes make this when I made Char Siu because I love beer!
One of bad (or good?) thing is that it makes me want more beer because of its spicy.


  • 35g Char Siu
  • 20g Leek
  • 2 tea spoon sesame oil (10ml)
  • 1 tea spoon Ra-yu (5ml)

How to make:

1) Shred Char Siu.
Char Siu





2) Add a cut Leek and remove the axis, then shred.  Put leek in the water for a while.
how to make shiraga negishiraga negi






3) Put Char Siu and Leek (drained) in a bowl.  Add Sesame oil and Ra-yu, then mix everything.





Shred Leek is sometimes used for other Japanese foods.  It is called “Shiraga Negi.”  “Shiraga” means gray hair.  Shred leek is very thin and it looks like gray hair.  That’s a reason why it is called so.

It’s spicy and very good snack for cold beer.
I think it seems to be served at Ramen shop where serves beer, too.  Also some Izakaya may serve it.  But Ramen shop where serves only ramen (no alcohol).

It’s very easy to cook.  If you have a good Char Siu, please try it.

Enjoy meal!


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