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Japanese Dried Fish (Sakano no Himono)

Dried Fish is called “Sakano no Himono” or just “Himono.” If you have stayed at ryokan (traditional Japanese hotle) or hotel near hot spring, you probably had it for the breakfast.  It is typical dish for traditional Japanese breakfast. In Japan, we are eating many types of Himono.  For example, the Himono of Jack Mackerel, […]

fried flying fish

Fried Flying Fish (Tobiuo no Karaage)

Flying fish (“Tobiuo” in Japanese) is the seasonal fish of June and July. We are eating it as shio yaki (grilled with salt), fry, and also sashimi. In Nagasaki prefecture in Kyusu islands, people make broth from it, too.  That broth is called as “Ago Dashi” and is used for the soup for Udon or […]