Kitsune Udon and Tanuki Udona

Kitsune Udon

Kitsune Udon

Sometimes, we found very interesting name of foods.

Today, I would like to introduce foods which may have most interesting name.
Udon and Soba are most popular Japanese noodles since old time.
We enjoy them with various toppings.  I think those varieties are more than Ramen.
I would like to introduce two popular Udon which have very interesting names.

Tanuki Udon

Tanuki Udon

They are “Kitsune Udon” and “Tanuki Udon”.
What interesting point is “Kitsune” and “Tanuki”.  “Kitsune” means “Fox” in Japanese, and “Tanuki” means “Raccoon dog”.

Do Japanese people eat fox and raccoon dog?
“No way!”

Don’t worry!  They are  just a name of foods and any fox and raccoon dog are NOT cooked.
Above first photo is “Kitsune Udon” and next one is “Tanuki Udon”.

Perhaps many readers wander why they are named as so?
Kitsune Udon has Abura-age which is the ingredient brown and square shape in the photo.  Abura-age is fried think sliced tofu, and it is simmered with soy sauce and sugar etc.  It is said that Abura-age is fox’s favorite food.  So it is called as Kitusne Udon.

On the other hand, Tanuki Udon is udon with tempura crumb.  It is different type of udon which is easy to cook and very casual.

In Japan, sometimes fox and raccoon dog is thought as comparison because they are living in similar place (mountain) and both animals are familiar since old time.

Kitsune Soba

Kitsune Soba / Tanuki

Soba with Abur-age is called as Kitusne Soba.  But it is only in Kanto area (east of Japan).  In Kansai area (west of Japan), it is called just as “Tanuki”.

This is one of interesting point.  In east of Japan, people think topping is comparison.  But in west of Japan, they think noodles is comparison.

The land of Japan is small.  But depends on area, people has own culture and they are still alive.

If you have any opportunities to visit to Japan, please try Kitsune (fox)  or Tanuki (raccoon dog).  Again, don’t worry.  They are just a name of food.

Enjoy meal!


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