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Cold Japanese Buckwheat (Zaru Soba)

This summer, it’s very hot and humid in Tokyo.  Such a hot days, I want to eat something cold and also easy to eat like noodles.  Zaru Soba or Soumen are my favorite for this condition. Soba (Japanese Buckwheat) has long history.  It is said that Soba was eaten before Nara Era (710 – 794 […]

Ja Ja Men - Udon

Miso Sauce Ramen (Ja Ja Men)

Ja Ja Men is originally a Chinese food called “Zha Jiang Mian.”  I think its name comes from the sound of “Zha Jiang Mian.” In Japan, it was added some arranges such as adding sugar.  So it tastes both sweetness of sugar and salty of miso.  We use Ramen noodles and also use other Japanese […]

how to make tarako spaghetti

Cod Roe Spaghetti (Taroko Spaghetti)

Spaghetti is very popular food in Japan.  I guess the reason why we like it is because it is a noodle.  We are enjoying noodles such as Soba, Udon, Soumen and, of course Ramen since old time.  It has been arranged to Japanese style as same as other many European foods.  They are cooked with […]