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I titled this article as “Sukiyaki” because I thought English explanation might not be necessary. You may remember the song “Sukiyaki” by Kyu Sakamoto.  It got #1 of Billborad weekly ranking in 1963.  This song has been covered by many musicians like 4PM in 1995. I don’t know why this song titled as Sukiyaki in […]

simmered chicken wing

Simmered chicken wing (Tebasaki no nimono)

Recently, I cooked boiled something….  Now it is also simmered food, chicken wing. However chicken is now popular and not expensive food, before end of World War 2, it was very expensive.  The history of chicken in Japan has very long.  People are eating chicken at least since 7th century.  But Japanese government sometimes prohibited […]

Chicken wing dumpling, Japanese food

Chicken wing dumplings (Tebasaki gyoza)

Last week, I cooked pork dumplings. Actually those ingredients were surplus, so I stored them frozen.  Skin of dumplings are sold as a unit about 20 pieces or so.  It is too much for surplus….  Today, I cooked chicken wing dumplings with using them. Dumplings have very long history.  It seems to be eaten since […]