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omelet rice

Omelet Rice (Omu-rice)

Omelet rice is a food which fried rice with chicken and tomato ketchup is wrapped by omelet.  It is a kind of yoshoku, one category of Japanese foods. However yoshoku’s roots is Europe or American foods, they are developed in Japan as original Japanese foods. Omelet rice is very popular home food and also served […]

Japanese chicken BBQ

Chicken BBQ (Yakitori)

Japanese chicken BBQ is called as “Yakitori.”  If you have come to Japan, many of you had enjoyed it at “izakaya” restaurants where serving alcohol and foods (mostly Japanese foods).  It is very popular foods and most restaurants serving it is not expensive.  (But some “yakitori” restaurants are expensive.) Normally you can choose two different […]

beef tsukudani

Beef Tsukudani

Tsukudani is a taste of common people.  Eat it with steamed rice is very good. It is a kind of preserved food and typical one is simmered small fishes or shell fishes with soy sauce and sugar.  It seems to be since mid 19th century.  The name is named after place called Tsukudajima in Tokyo.  […]

seafood okonomiyaki

Japanese Pancake (Okonomiyaki)

Japanese pancake called “Okonomiyaki” is a typical home food, especially in west part of Japan.  Current style of okonomiyaki is since after world war 2.  So it doesn’t have long history, but the origin seems to be before the war. “Okonomiyaki” contains two words “Okonomi” and “Yaki.”  “Okonomi” means favorite or as you like, and […]


Fried Pork Rice Bowl (Katsudon)

Katsudon is one of popular don (rice bowl) foods.  The cooking method is almost same with Oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowl), but main ingredient is “Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet) ” instead of chicken. Who developed this food is not clear, there are some stories.  But it seems to be eaten since 1921, because one […]