Japanese grilled fish (Sakana no Shio Yaki)

Japanese grilled fish, catlass fish, tachiuo

People eat fish very well in Japan.
Perhaps sashimi, raw fish, is well known, but we don’t eat all kind of fishes as sashimi.  Some fishes are not good for sashimi.  More kinds of fishes (including not good for sashimi) are served as grilled or simmered.

Today, I would like to introduce a basic cooking method of grilled fish.  It is very easy and can be used for most of fishes.


  • Fish (catlass fish at this time)
  • Sea salt

How to cooking:

1) Put some sea salt on to both side of fish.

2) Grill it on the tool specialized for grilling fish.
grilled fish

3) Grill the fish and turn over on the way.

That’s all!

We eat grilled fish with soy sauce and sometimes grated white radish.  This method can be used for cooking jack mackerel, snapper (sea bream), salmon, yellow tail, pike, trout etc.

This method is not using any oil to grill fish.  I think it is one reason why Japanese foods are healthy.  With this method, you can enjoy original taste of fishes.  Each fishes has different taste.  It is interesting and fun to eat fishes.

It may be the first time you see the tool to grill fish.  It is like a ladder and it can be seen in a oven.  Or it looks like BBQ oven.

Catlass fish is called as “Tachiuo” in Japanese.  “Tachi” means long sward (about 60cm) and “Uo” means fish.  It is said that the origin of the name , tachiuo, is its looks.

Enjoy meal!

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