Japanese omelette with broth (Dashimaki tamago)

Japanese omelette, Dashimaki tamago

Japanese omelet is generally called as “Tamago yaki.”  “Tamago” means egg and “yaki” means bake.  The feature is its cooking method which roll thin baked egg sheet over and over.  Also we are using rectangle fry pan which is specialized for tamago yaki.  So its shape becomes rectangle.
Because dashimaki is a kind of tamago yaki, it is cooked with same method.   But dashimaki is given flavor by broth.  On the other hand, regular tamagoyaki is given flavor by salt or sugar.  It includes broth, so it is still delicious even it becomes cold.


  • 2 eggs
  • broth
    • 1 cup of tea spoon soup stock (5ml)
    • 2 cups of table spoon water (30ml)

How to cook:

1) Mix eggs well.

2) Put broth in egg and mix well.
Japanese omelet Dashimaki





3) Pour a large amount of cooking oil in a fry pan and heat.  Then spread oil and wipe extra oil with using cooking paper.





4) Once the fry pan is well heated, turn to low heat and pour about 1/3 eggs.  If bubbles are appeared, break them by chopstick and make “egg sheet” as smooth. When egg is baked, roll the egg sheet.
Japanese omlet





5) Put oil on the fry pan with using cooking paper which wiped fry pan before.  Then pour egg (about 1/3) again.  This process is repeated.





During rolling, it should be made as better shape.






The best dashimaki is only yellow.  It doesn’t have white part because eggs were mixed well.  Above photo, you can see some white parts.  It is not perfect one, but taste is very good.

I think rectangle fry pan can be bought only in Japan.  If you don’t have it, of course normal fry pan (round shape) can be used.

This menu is a popular side dish.  Also we can see it in lunch box (bento).  This is plane omelet.  We arrange it as cooked with something like unagi (eel), green onion etc.
I like “Dashimaki” because it has deep broth flavor.

Enjoy meal!

I used “Shiro-dashi (white type broth)” from Somi corporation at this time.  Other broth can be used.  Please refer their direction how much water you should use.  There are many type of broth in Japan.  For this menu, it includes kelp, bonito and soy sauce.

Tamagoyaki pan is available on Amazon.com.  Please refer following links.



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