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Japanese omelette with broth (Dashimaki tamago)

Japanese omelet is generally called as “Tamago yaki.”  “Tamago” means egg and “yaki” means bake.  The feature is its cooking method which roll thin baked egg sheet over and over.  Also we are using rectangle fry pan which is specialized for tamago yaki.  So its shape becomes rectangle. Because dashimaki is a kind of tamago […]

Japanese tofu food

Hiyayakko (Tofu)

Perhaps, many people knows about tofu.  Go back to history, it is from China to Japan during AD 710 – 794 (Nara era).  So we, Japanese, are eating tofu about 1300 years. However it is eaten in many Asia countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Thai, Myanmar, Indonesia and so on, cooking method is […]


Simple spinach salad (Hourensou no ohitashi)

This is very common side dish for Japanese foods.  “Hourenso” means spinach and “ohitashi” is a way of cooking.  It is a cooking method to soak foods in broth.  After 1868 (Meiji era), current method seems to become popular. There are some similar menu called “goma ae”(mix with sesame) or “shira ae”(mix with broken tofu). […]