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Japanese Pancake (Okonomiyaki)

Japanese pancake called “Okonomiyaki” is a typical home food, especially in west part of Japan.  Current style of okonomiyaki is since after world war 2.  So it doesn’t have long history, but the origin seems to be before the war. “Okonomiyaki” contains two words “Okonomi” and “Yaki.”  “Okonomi” means favorite or as you like, and […]


Sea bream (snapper) rice (Taimeshi)

Sea bream or snapper is called “Tai” in Japanese.  As I mentioned in earlier article, sea bream is often served at the celebration day.  Taimeshi is a typical menu for celebration.  It looks luxury and it is luxury in fact because it cooks a whole sea bream.  It is a kind of “Takikomi-gohan” which is […]

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Boiled Flounder (Karei no nitsuke)

Flounder is very popular fish in Japan.  Righteye flounder is called “Karei,” and lefteye flounder is called “Hirame.”  Hirame is expensive and often served as Sushi or Sashimi.  Above is Karei.  In winter, they are in spawning season so we can eat with eggs of Karei. “Nitsuke” means foods which are boiled.  In Japan, we […]