Boiled Flounder (Karei no nitsuke)

foulnder karei Japanese food

Flounder is very popular fish in Japan.  Righteye flounder is called “Karei,” and lefteye flounder is called “Hirame.”  Hirame is expensive and often served as Sushi or Sashimi.  Above is Karei.  In winter, they are in spawning season so we can eat with eggs of Karei.

“Nitsuke” means foods which are boiled.  In Japan, we cook fishes as boil, grill with sea salt, dried and then grill or sashimi.  Some fishes are not good for sashimi, but most fishes are cooked boiled or grilled.

This menu is boiled in sauce which taste salty-sweet.  When I was a child, my mother cooked it with tofu and leek.  I guess it was considered about blance of nutrition.  It is worm food and it is very good for winter days.

flounder Japanese foodIngredients:

  • flounder
  • tofu
  • leek
  • 100ml soy sauce
  • 50ml sake for cooking
  • 50ml mirin



1) Cut leek about 1cm width and tofu.

2) Put soy sauce, sake and mirin in a pan, then boil.

3) Put flounder, tofu and leek in a pan.
Fish Japanese food flounder





4) Boil them about 10 min.

This menu is not special menu of Japanese foods.  It is a home-made food.  At this time, I had it with rice and miso soup.  The combination of these dishes are very good.

Enjoy meal!




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