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Hamburg with Daikon Oroshi

Japanese Style Hamburg (Wafu Oroshi Hamburg)

I have been introducing Yoshoku foods which is one category of Japanese food.  It’s not traditional Japanese foods which is often called “Washoku.”  Yoshoku is a category of foods which is originally from US or Europe.  I think the food arranged them to Japanese style is called Yoshoku recently and people are thinking it is […]

Ramen Pork

Ramen Pork (Char Siu)

I believe Char Siu is the most important ingredient of Ramen.  The word of Char Siu is Chinese and it means Roast Pork.  Chinese Roast Pork is called “Char Siu” even in Japan, and it is also called “Yaki Buta (literally, Roast Pork).  But as a Ramen topping, it is always called as “Char Siu.” […]